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The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important for the economy. How can production be resource-efficient? How socially responsible is a company? And what about climate-damaging activities? These and other questions are at the center of public debate and highly relevant for stakeholders and investors as well. Social and political pressure within the corporate landscape is increasing and ESG reporting is becoming a legal obligation.

The ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD honors organizations that have already embarked on the path to greater corporate social responsibility and have implemented forward-looking sustainability concepts in their corporate strategies. The transparent presentation of all sustainability measures as part of the verifiable ESG reporting gives these pioneers a role model function that deserves broad and media publicity. After all, these companies show that environmental, social and governance reporting not only serves the fulfillment of laws but primarily addresses the protection of people and their environment.


The ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD recognizes the transparency of ESG reports and their underlying measures and sustainability goals. Organizations of all industries and sizes that already publish ESG reports transparently can participate free of charge. We offer participating companies a free ESG assessment, which serves as a basis for your strategic ESG reporting development.

It is irrelevant for your application whether your company has already implemented professional reporting strategies, structures and measures or is still at the beginning. While the best organizations have the chance to receive the ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD, beginners benefit from a first assessment of their own results. The result will only be sent to the participating organization - the publication of the award participation and its result remains the decision of the participating organization.



“GEROLSTEINER lives from and with nature. A healthy environment is essential for our products and has always been the focus of our strategy. We are delighted to be recognized by the ESG Transparency Award.”

Dr. Thomas Hens, Head of Technical Development and Resources
Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG

Copyright: O2 Telefónica

“We are proud to have received the ESG Transparency Award. Transparency is part of our understanding of responsible corporate governance. This enables us to continuously earn the trust of important stakeholder groups and society as a whole and drive forward the sustainable transformation of the company.”

Claudia von Bothmer, Director Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
O2 Telefónica

“The award reinforces our motivation at JOHANN BUNTE to promote innovative construction methods, conserve resources and use renewable energies. We want to actively contribute to driving forward the transformation in the construction industry.”

Frank Schreiber, Member of the Management Board/ CEO
JOHANN BUNTE Bauunternehmung SE + Co. KG

“We are honored to accept the ESG Transparency Award from EUPD Research. JinkoSolar is committed to accelerating transitioning to a world powered by more sustainable energy. Through its innovative technologies, extensive experience, and a proven deliverable strategy, the Company is helping to make solar the answer to climate change.”

Aga Michalak, Head of Marketing, BD & ESG Europe
JinkoSolar GmbH

“Sustainability has an extremely high priority at HUGO BOSS and is an integral part of our daily activities. Winning the ESG Transparency Award encourages us to continue to actively drive change in the fashion industry and to report on it transparently.”

Christian Stöhr, Vice President Investor Relations

“The future is not shaped by itself – we are delighted that we can face the challenges of our time together and share our pioneering spirit today with industry representatives who are committed to an environmentally friendly future and pioneering energy solutions. The ESG Award honors us and reminds us of the impact each and every one of us has on the energy transition in Germany.”

Boxun Xi, General Manager
Alpha ESS

“For us, the sustainability report is the most important tool for stakeholder communication. It allows us to create credibility and transparency and at the same time inspire a broad public for our sustainability issues.”

Felix Schwörer, Sustainability Manager

“The ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD “Excellence” once again confirms the high level of our commitment. External recognition is very important for Klüber Lubrication as part of the solution to sustainability problems.”

Markus Hermann, Sustainability Manager Klüber Lubrication Group
Klüber Lubrication München GmbH & Co. KG

“As one of the largest employers in the social sector with 1 million supporting members, it is important to us to make our sustainability process as transparent as possible. In this way, we also want to inspire others in our industry to develop in a climate-friendly way.”

Douglas Graf von Saurma-Jeltsch, Managing Director
Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.

“Sustainable action has been an integral part of KOSTAL’s corporate strategy since the company was founded in 1912. The ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD is a great honor for us, because it recognizes our efforts to maintain transparency about the implementation and progress of our sustainability activities.”

Dr. Gregor Schmeken, Member of the Management Board
KOSTAL Group (Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG)

“In recent years, the ARD media network has established a systematic ecological sustainability management system in order to achieve more resource-efficient and climate-friendly actions in all relevant areas, from operations management and media production to events. This also includes transparent reporting on measures and successes in accordance with generally recognized standards. We are delighted to be recognized as a pioneer in this area.”

Dr. Susanne Pfab, ARD Secretary General

“Winning this award is a pleasing result of our long-standing sustainability policy and extensive decarbonization measures, which we document with annual ESG and CSR reports.”

Pia Alina Lange, EU Public Affairs & Policy Director
Trina Solar (Germany) GmbH

“As a member of Klimaschutzunternehmen e.V., Schöck has always strived for sustainability. The ESG Transparency Award is a confirmation of our success in achieving climate neutrality by 2035.”

Dr.-Ing. Harald Braasch, Vorstand Technik
Schöck AG

“We are delighted to receive the ESG Award. It means a great deal to us, as we attach great importance to sustainable corporate governance and align our growth with these principles.”

Dr. Christian Peter, Managing Director Aiko Energy Germany GmbH and Solarlab Aiko Europe GmbH
Aiko Energy Germany GmbH

“Increased transparency in sustainability reporting is a real added value for all stakeholders. We are delighted about the award and the recognition of our performance.”

Daniel Nölken, Managing Partner
Nölken Hygiene Products GmbH

“Trust is essential, especially today. We are delighted to have received the ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD for our transparent reporting. This encourages us in our commitment.”

Melanie Kubin-Hardewig, Vice President Group Corporate Responsibility
Deutsche Telekom AG

“85% of our business is sustainable. Through eMobility, electric flying and hydrogen, we are creating economic success and offering our employees a secure future.”

Josef Mitterhuber, Managing Director
Silver Atena GmbH

“We take our responsibility seriously and want to achieve ambitious ESG targets. Transparency creates trust along the way. We are pleased that our reporting meets this requirement.”

Dr. Martin Gastens, Vice President Biologics Drug Product Development & Managing Director Research and Development
AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

“Receiving the ESG Award confirms that we have firmly implemented sustainability in our corporate policy and have taken on a pioneering role in independently verifiable ESG reporting.”

Alexander Trost, Managing Director Sales
Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH

“As the market leader in the field of automatic vehicle washing, we are aware of our responsibility. We are sustainable because we demand and implement ecological and economic sustainability, both in the entire life cycle of our products and in all our thoughts and actions.”

Dr. Ralf Koeppe, Chairman of the Management Board of WashTec AG & Managing Director of WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH
WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH

“The award confirms that we are on the right track with our sustainability management and reporting. For our SÜLZLE team, sustainability is an integral part of our daily work, even in challenging times.”

Maximilian Sülzle, Dual Student (5th generation of the SÜLZLE Group)

“Today not at the expense of tomorrow. This guiding principle shapes our actions, because we place corporate responsibility for a sustainable future at the heart of our business activities.”

Dr. Ludger Kleyboldt und Mark Liedtke, Managing Directors
NWB Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

“I am very pleased about the excellent result. Through continuous development and optimization, we want to offer all interested parties the best possible transparency about our sustainability performance. The award shows that we are on the right track here.”

Dr. Wolfgang Breuer, Chairman of the Board of Management
Provinzial Holding AG

“We are convinced that we can only drive sustainability forward and contribute to the ecological and social transformation as a team. We are pleased to have received the status of Excellence.”

The Sustainability Team
VOLKSWOHL BUND Versicherungen

“For us, sustainability is a continuous journey  during which we are constantly improving. We at the University of Siegen make sustainability reporting an integral part of our university practice.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Volker Stein, Prorector of Ressources and Governance
University Siegen

“Driving forward sustainable innovations that have a positive impact on the environment and society is our goal. This award motivates the va-Q-tec team to continue pursuing this path with full commitment.”

Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO & Founder

“Sustainability is a core element of our vision and an integral part of our strategy. We are delighted to have been recognized for this and our transparent reporting by the ESG Transparency Award.”

Katharina Wübben, Manager Sustainability Reporting & Stakeholder Engagement & Ann-Sophie Stoppelkamp, Manager Sustainability Performance und ESG Ratings
Covestro AG

“For me, sustainability – alongside digitalisation and artificial intelligence – is and remains one of the biggest global drivers of innovation in the 21st century.”

Stephan Seifert, CEO
Körber AG

“We view receiving the ESG Transparency Award as a sign that we have set the right course, and that gives us a boost for our ambitious sustainability goals.”

Oliver Burkhard, CEO
thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH

“Receiving the ESG Transparency Award is a successful milestone on our path to becoming a future-oriented organization. Developing innovative, sustainable solutions is the focus of our strategy.”

Hans-Joachim Laufenberg, Managing Director RLE Mobility

“This award is a great recognition of our ongoing commitment to exemplary CSR and sustainability. It confirms that our commitment is having a lasting impact. We are proud to be one of the ‘national industry leaders’ in our industry!”

Michael Martens, Chairman of the Board
Dortmunder Volksbank

“We are proud to have won the ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD. It underlines our commitment to transparency, openness and clear communication and helps to communicate it to the outside world.”

Dr. Thomas Hain, Managing Director
Unternehmensgruppe Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt

“When it comes to dealing with our environment responsibly, we at ASSMANN not only want to meet standards, but do much more – and keep moving forward on this path!”

Dr. Julia Koch, Sustainability Officer
ASSMANN Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG

“Participating in the gala is an opportunity for me to celebrate our commitment to transparency in ESG reporting and to compare notes with experts. Thank you very much for this appreciation!”

Petra Sandner, Chief Sustainability Officer
Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Girozentrale

“The transparency and verifiability of relevant information is the basis for a credible commitment to a safe and livable future for as many people as possible.”

Stefan Lembert, Head of Group Accounting and Taxation

“Sustainability and excellent hospital care are no longer a contradiction in terms. However, implementation requires creativity, courage and drive, but also offers great opportunities. Asklepios also plays a pioneering role in its peer group in this respect and we are delighted that the jury agrees.”

Hafi Rifi, CFO
Asklepios Kliniken GmbH & Co. KGaA

Next steps - Wie geht es weiter?

Ab 10. Dezember 2023

Nach Abschluss der Bewerbungs- und Verifizierungsphase erhalten alle Teilnehmenden eine Einordnung Ihres Ergebnisses gegenüber der Gesamtstichprobe und der nahestehenden Branche.

Ab 15. Dezember 2023

Berufung der ESG-verantwortlichen Personen der ausgezeichneten Organisationen in das ESG Transparency Komitee, mit dem Ziel die Gesichter hinter dem Reporting zu würdigen, die Prozesse und Qualitätsmodelle für den Markt praxisorientiert weiterzuentwickeln sowie das „Who is Who“ der Corporate Sustainability Szene zusammenzubringen.

Ab 15. Dezember 2023

Terminierung eines persönlichen Analysegespräches mit unseren ESG Expert*innen zum Status quo der ausgezeichneten Unternehmen.

Ab 15. Januar 2024

Einladungsversand zum ESG Workshop „Road to Excellence – Reporting zwischen Pflicht und Wertschöpfung“ für Ende Q1/Anfang Q2 2024; voraussichtlich in Präsenz.

Ab März 2024

Ab März startet die Bewerbungsphase für den ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD 2024.


Starting January
Appointment of the ESG Committee
Starting March
Application period
Until October
Continuing Evaluation
Award Ceremony


Fill out the digital application form and send us the latest sustainability report of your organisation to pre-register for the ESG TRANSPARENCY AWARD 2024 for free. The official application phase starts in March 2024. Companies of all industries and sizes that offer goods and/or services in Germany and already produce ESG reports can participate.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact our experts personally at any time.


Status quo and benchmark

When you submit your ESG report, you will receive a percentage assessment of your reporting’s current progress and a localization of your commitment on the Road to Excellence. A supplementary sectoral evaluation is carried out on the basis of all completed analyses.

Leading by example and networking

In leading by example, the role models within the corporate landscape promote the sustainable orientation of the entire economy. The best organisations were invited for professional exchange and networking as part of the award ceremony on December 6, 2023. The event included a champagne reception and sharing of best practices.

Award ceremony and public relations

The best companies will be welcomed to the award ceremony at the Steigenberger Icon Grandhotel and Spa Petersberg in Königswinter at the end of the year. The preceding verification process is free of charge – as is participation in the award ceremony and the associated press photos for invited award winners. All organizations successfully verified during the year are also given the opportunity to have their achieved status licensed for a fee in the form of the official quality seal for internal and external communication.


EUPD Research has developed a catalogue of test criteria for the evaluation of ESG reports based on their expertise from more than 20 years of research and analysis, existing frameworks, applicable regulations, legal frameworks, global standards and best reporting practices. These ESG Reporting - Evaluation Topics are available for download. (Download)

According to the new EU “Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive” (CSRD) (Download), sustainability reports must be integrated into a company’s annual report and comply with the requirements of the “European Sustainability Reporting Standard” (ESRS) (Download) including EU Taxonomy information (Download) in the future.

The audit criteria take into account all relevant aspects in areas E, S and G and are based on current regulations, global standards and frameworks.

The assessment criteria and overall progress are classified into one of the following three stages in accordance with ESG Reporting - Evaluation Topics.
1. Development level
(0 - 50%)
2. Predicate level
(50 - 75%)
3. Excellence level
(75 - 100%)
The entire assessment process is made possible by a comprehensive, AI-supported analysis process of published and submitted ESG reporting data, which is scientifically supervised by EUPD Research's data specialists and sustainability experts.
Data quality
Ethics and bias
Validation of results
Interpretation of data
The leaders of the awarded organizations will be appointed to the ESG Transparency Committee at the end of the year in order to incorporate the relevance assessments and the resulting prioritisation of individual ESG components into next year's awards. In addition, the analyzed results are then incorporated into a Check&Act Report – freely available to the market – which enables all committed organisations to obtain regular benchmarks for the further development of their own standards and to identify industry-specific optimization potentials.


All awarded and thus verified organisations will have the opportunity to get their achieved class (predicate and excellence) licensed with the official quality seal.

The seal can be used for far-reaching internal and external communication of success and for use in sustainability reporting. However, the award, the invitation to the award ceremony and the publication of the achieved status are expressly and naturally possible without licensing the seal.


With each sustainability report submitted, EUPD Research supports the global ESG Impact project "Watts On: Lighting Students Lives", which aims to enable a more social future for people and society and to strengthen environmental protection.
The program "Watts On: Lighting Students Lives" was developed in 2019 after a pilot project in Kenya had shown incredible results. In close cooperation with local communities and education authorities, “Watts On” aims to create a training and awareness day for students, parents and teachers, distribute portable solar lamps to the students as well as collect data or rather follow up on the student's achievements.

Currently, the Watts On PROGRAM is active in schools in rural areas of northern Kenya that do not have a power connection.
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Seit > 22 Jahren vertrauen weltweit viele tausende Kleinbetriebe, Mittelständler und Großkonzerne auf die in der Firmengruppe gebündelten Lösungen zur Analyse, Begleitung und Zertifizierung von Nachhaltigkeitssystemen durch EUPD Research.

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